F.B.I Kids: The Kidnapping

Darcy Crow looked just like a normal 14 year old, he went to school, he did his homework and he had parents. But he was different; his dad was the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the F.B.I as most people called it. Well you might think ‘well that’s perfectly fine his dad “is” the director of the F.B.I because anyone’s dad could be the director of the F.B.I’, but Darcy’s dad had recruited his family, Darcy and Darcy’s friends for a special job. They were an elite team of F.B.I agents who were only known to very few people, the president of the USA, the director of homeland security, high ranks of the F.B.I and military and the Secretary of Defense. You might think that it’s stupid to leave matters of national security to a bunch of children. Well you are wrong these children are highly trained in martial arts, espionage, hacking and military tactics.

Darcy was at school hanging out with his friends when he heard the roar of a powerful engine speeding towards him. ”Hey Darcy isn’t that what your dads car sounds like”, asked Darcy’s best friend Cartman Head. ”It sure is Cartman, that’s my dad, making himself look important in his big car!” Exclaimed Darcy,” I seriously wish he wouldn’t come to school in a Chevrolet, with all his security guards. It just makes him look stupid. ”Nah your dad’s cool, that’s probably the only reason you have a girlfriend, I get picked up from school by my mum in a rusty, old looking Toyota Camry and I don’t have one. Do you see the connection?” Darcy laughed. “No, you don’t have a girlfriend because you’re horrible at talking to girls.” Well that made everyone hysterical. “Hey Darcy you know how some people say it’s possible to die from laughter, I think I’m about to prove that theory. Sorry but I have to go my dad looks really peeved that I haven’t come to the car, so I’ll see you guys later. Darcy was slowly walking to the car when his dad gestured for him to walk faster, once he got to the Chevrolet his dad said, “Darcy this is really urgent I need you to go and find all of your friends who are part of the unit and tell them that I need them to gather at the headquarters at 18:30 tonight.

The agents have all gathered at the meeting place and were confused with what it was they had to do. “Ok, I know you are all wondering why I called you here. So I will tell you straight out what has happened. The President has been kidnapped. “What!” Exclaimed Mandy, so worried that you could almost smell the fear. “Do you know who kidnapped him?” “Fortunately we do it is a new terrorist group called Jallaba, I need you all to rescue The President. They all accepted and the mission was on.

As the team stepped onto the helicopter they heard the sounds of a missile screaming towards them. "Get down," screamed the director. The missile just missed the helicopter and luckily no one was hurt. "They have a missile launcher on the opposite rooftop. We need to get everyone on the helicopter and get moving. More and more missiles came but they were safe.

They were one minute away from the landing site and were loading up their weapons. "here's the plan, said the F.B.I Director we keep the fights to a minimum, we don't need them to execute The President. Now lets go. The president was soon returned home.


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