My Adventure At Wallawoot Island

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

One windy night, I was sailing to a place called Pogopogo Land. I was standing on the deck when I fell into a life boat. The next second, the rope snapped. Then I was freely drifting. Luckily there were oars, so I rowed to land. The next day I found I was on an island called Wallawoot Island. Some sharp rocks split the boat in half. I knew islands had coconut trees, so I looked for some because I was thirsty. I did find some. They were nice. I decided to look for animals. I started looking in the jungle. I couldn't find any. “Well I can’t find any so there must not be any,” I said. Suddenly all of the scary animals came out of the bush! My jaw hit the ground! There were all the dangerous animals! I stood as still as a statue, because I knew the animals would chase me if I ran. The tiger sniffed out my hands and rubbed against my legs. The tiger turned to the other animals and said, “He’s safe.”
“Where did you come from?” I asked.
“We came from the volcano,” they answered.
“What is your favourite game?” I asked.
“Hide and seek,” they said. We played hide and seek for 3 hours. It was great fun. Then we all had sandwiches for lunch. After lunch we played tag. Then I made an obstacle course. The rhino was the referee because he could not swing through the trees. Then they showed me the view from the volcano. I asked the animals, “Could you help me make a boat so I can fetch my friend? I know he will like it here.” The next day the rhino, snake, gorilla, tiger and the eagle helped me make a boat. The rhino pushed some coconut trees over and split them in half with his horn. The gorilla carried the logs to where we were working. The eagle collected vines and brought them to me. The snake held the vines while I tied the logs together. The tiger collected massive leaves for the sails. I was able to use the oars from the life boat one more time. By lunch the boat was ready to test. It was fine so I took my friends on it. I sailed home and went straight to my friend Leonard’s house. Leonard was in the school room. His mum was upstairs so I snuck in and whispered, “Hey, Leonard, do you want to stop school work?”
“Yeah sure!”
Leonard packed some toys and we ran to my house. I packed some treats for the animals, some snorkelling stuff, a soccer ball and some sandwiches. Then we sailed to Wallawoot Island. We lived there forever.

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