As I walk outside the war began, gunshots, bombs exploding, everything is happening so quickly. Trying to be quiet so no one could hear me. My eyes lit up with shock in my face I see a grenade sitting right beside me ready to explode. I ran as fast as I could metres away from where it was, dodging bullets and people in the way also trying to hide. I don’t stop to think about a thing I just keep running. But then a big bang goes off pushing me over 50 metres ahead. I lay unconscious for a few seconds, I stand with ringing in my ears, smoke, dust and flames surrounding me nowhere to hide and nowhere to move. I look down, all I see is blood dripping to my feet, oozing out of my hands. I am in shock. My body feels like I’m about to die. Is this the end of the beginning? No I’m going to stay strong.
I look over my shoulder and there was two young children crying waiting for their mother to return as their father got blown out right before their eyes. But sadly the children’s mother had passed away from the previous bomb, the one sitting next to me. I find a hole, but before I save myself I have to save the two children with nothing but pain. We don’t have any time to introduce ourselves.
We are in the hole, the children are screaming. I need them to be quite so we don’t get caught. This is our moment to be free?