Dawn Arises

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

Dawn awakens, he calls to me to end my eternal slumber.
I rebuke Dawn and his motives, I seek the life of rest and respite.
But dawn is tenacious and taunts me with my parched throat and brimful bladder.
I struggle to resist Dawn and his force, but he persists, this time he sends beams of blinding sunlight directed at me, bathing me in warmth.
His attempts at persuasion are effective, but I am battle-scared, his illusion shan't arise me from my chambers.
The battle is square but Dawn has powerful allies.
He has my forebearer in his faction. Her voice pierces my ears as she calls for me to spring and feast upon my morning meal.
My battle is lost, 'twas inevitable. Victory is awarded to Dawn, for I surrender, I mustn't prolong the inferno in my forebearer any longer.