A Birthday.....On Friday The 13th

I sharpened my eye and looked straight ahead. Nothing was in sight. Friday the 13th, a spooky day, now suddenly seemed to come alive. Even the faint glimmer of the glistening moon seemed bright. It was my birthday but it was over all too soon. Could this day get any worse? A full moon, werewolves howling in the distance and a date of Friday the 13th.

I had not believed my grandfather’s myth of the monster, the monster to takes his only revenge on Friday the 13th. My grandfather is now six foot under waiting to be ripped from the root by the monster. The monster was definitely getting closer. The little mind of a 6 year old, my mind could not handle the pressure of being ripped limb to limb. I imagined the image of my death in the back of my mind, constantly looking around for the monster. My eyelids closed in grief as I got up from the cracked door of the wooden cabin. In a great stream of wind, the smell of revenge and death arose. The air was now filled with that same smell. It was time to move on.

The thought of death was painful but not when there was nothing to live for. This was my first birthday alone. The spirits of my parents rose me up off the ground once but now, I am alone. I was in the forest of the last paradise. A drop of rain dripped down my collar and onto my trembling knees. The gruesome fear was ultimately death. When I die I would think of me like a can of tuna, if the expiry date passes, my doom would come. I looked onto my knee in wonder. The hundreds of droplets of rain that had fallen on me was not rain but in fact blood.

I looked around in distress waiting for my condemnation. Any second now, my blood would shed onto the ground and be long forgotten. Before I even got a glimpse of it, my blood splashed onto the wet ground. Before I knew it, I was ruthlessly slaughtered, massacred like a pig for meat. The dark red eyes looked bloodish and the long silky hair had turned into a mess in the devastating rain. The creature’s spiked tail lashed onto the ground and took a lump with it each time in smashed onto the floor. The acute, intimidating talons lashed onto my vulnerable body and ripped out chunks inhumanely. A slow and painful death in something no-one would wish for.

I was nothing but a piece of bone in less than 5 minutes. The date of my extinction was today and I was wiped out from life fully before realising my full potential. A young death and a young surrender. Who did I live for this last year? Maybe it was a good thing. Maybe not. I know life is tough but I didn't have the chance to experience it. That is unfortunately life. Was my life really worth it?

Jude Peter Varghese


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