A Farewell To Sunset

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

The sunset looks beautiful tonight. Pale shades of oranges fill one third of the sky. Sunglow, sunray and sunset orange. It looks like hot flames rising from the sea and slowly fading away, creating colours like blue, violet and a shade of dark pink. The edges of the visible sky are cool, losing their colour each minute that passes away. Just the sight of it feels like it's heaven on Earth. Small stars are starting to appear in the sky, yet in reality some of them are bigger than the Earth itself.
The sound of the birds singing slowly fades away. The calm sound of the waves hugging the shoreline quickly takes over. You start to feel the cool breeze carelessly caressing your body.
Everyone else is gone now, and you are standing alone, watching as the night takes over. Everything is so quiet that even thoughts don't pass through your mind. You feel the warmth of your blood flow through you. It makes you feel alive.
The vibrant colours slowly fade away. Darker colours start filling up the sky and more stars are revealed.
You walk towards the sea. You feel like the sand is smoothly melting under your feet with every step you take. You reach the water and you feel its coolness soothing your body, flowing from your feet to your head. The rising moon is glowing and its light casts the first shadows over the whole place. 'It's the perfect moment' you think and slowly reach into your coat pocket.
Seconds later you collapse.



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