Gabriel Merrick

Passion, desire, love, heat and fire,
Gabriel Merrick has never burned brighter.
A slave to the spark of emotions and abilities,
Held captive by pain and guilt, increasing his futility.

To do something right is his only wish,
An aim he just can't seem to accomplish.
He plays with flames, yet he's been burnt before,
He feels he is forever waiting for his moment to soar.

Guarded and aggressive is what Gabriel displays,
Anger so strong that it sets things ablaze.
Distrust of his surroundings keeps him on track,
Distrust of people holds him back.

Beneath his impenetrable and strong appearance,
Lies someone to be cared for, a hidden brilliance,
No longer the rough characteristics he shows,
But the soft, gentle, affectionate, loving side no one knows.