NAIDOC Week Aboriginal

Aboriginals were the original and you have to agree with that
They owned the land while you roamed the land and tried to kick them out
How would you be affected if you were rejected from your home land
To sail across the salty seas and across there soul sand

How would you feel if you were taken away from your family
Staying there all year you must have a heart cavity
There lives have been affected since you tortured them then
You must have escaped right from the devils den

You came here like you were the king
Made the rules and the laws you should know that should have been there thing
You treated them like scum and took away their kids
You should know by now this piece of history isn’t thin

I don’t know how you can live with this reputation
I say the same to your whole heartless nation
It was there land you should have paid them a rent to stay
Non- polluted and full of bushes trees leaves and hay

I don’t believe how you treated them that way
Trying to make up for it….


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