The Minecraft Disaster

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

Anna was just at the shops buying her favourite game Minecraft. She bought it and ran home. "Hey look Daisy I just bought Minecraft for Xbox 360" "Great!!" "Let's play! “They started to play. But when they were playing suddenly a light came out of the TV and sucked them in. When both of them opened their eyes they were in a world that was pixelated. They were in the MINECRAFT WORLD! "What should we do?" said Daisy. "Well first of all we need to get some wood and make a house it is starting to get dark." So Anna and Daisy started to build a house. "Oh no! Monsters are coming" shouted Anna. They started to head towards the door when suddenly something hit Daisy. It was an arrow from a skeleton. Anna started to attack and soon the skeleton died. They had built two beds for both of them. They slept and woke up in the morning. In the morning Anna went hunting for a cow. Anna killed the cow and cooked it for Daisy; it helped Daisy cure from the arrow last night. Later on in the day Anna and Daisy started to get worried because they didn't know how to get back. They had no idea what to do. Then Anna got an idea. "Hey maybe there is a way to get home from the ender world." "Okay." said Daisy. "But first we need to get gold and diamond to build an ender portal." said Anna. They started to dig to the bedrock. But when they reached their suddenly a light came out of the bedrock. "AHHHH!" they screamed. When Anna and Daisy opened there eyes they were back in the NORMAL WORLD! "I'm never going to play Minecraft ever!" said Daisy. "I'm only playing Minecraft on my iPad." laughed Anna...

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