Fairy Land

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Rosie. She lived in a family of 4 including her. She had 1 brother called jack 2 sisters called Ashlee and Charlie. She lived in a small blue house in the middle of a very small village although there not the richest they are defiantly the nicest.

One stormy night Rosie was in her room reading a fairy tale when she saw a sparkle at her window it was a little fairy “wow she is so little and cute I really wish I could be a fairy and live in fairy land like you with all the magical creatures” whispered Rosie to the little pink fairy.

So that night she could not stop thinking about the little fairy that came to her window. The next morning she woke up “This is not the small village that I remember and I don’t remember having wings were am I” Rosie said as she look around.
“hello mate I jack and I will be your best friend in the world and also you are I fairy land!” yelled jack
Fairy land why am I here I am supposed to be in my small village” Explained Rosie
Jack said nothing he just stood the for a minute

“ are you saying that you’re a human wait that is what you’re saying we need to get you straight tho the helpful witch her name is Ashlee “ said elf jack
So off they went to the witches’ castle. They went along the pink road which lead the too Ashlee’s bright pink magical castle. “Wait what is that sound? It is coming from that bush” said Rosie creeping closer to the bush “Don’t worry it is just my pet unicorn spike” said jack
“WOW I knew they were real can spike come with us? “Asked Rosie
“Yeah sure I don’t see why not” said jack

So off the 3 of them went. They reached Ashlee’s castle. They knocked on the giant door and they heard a small voice coming from inside “Come in” said witch Ashlee “Oh thank you so muck I need to get home back to the small village I miss my family I just want to go home” Sobbed Rosie

“Okay It is very simple all you have to do is shake your magical wand and say I wish to go home 3x and bam you will be home “Okay thank-you all so much for helping me I will miss you so much okay here I go I wish to go home, I wish to go home and I wish to go home” Rosie said and bam she was gone she woke up and she was home and it was all just a dream. THE END ?


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