Lama Or Duck?

How many times has someone come to you and said "left or right, up or down, lama or duck, scrunch or fold..." WAIT WHAT? You see, there is a really cool app on ITunes called "Lama or Duck". My friend told me about it and I thought "what a heap of baloney". There was no way I was going to download that game from ITunes because I thought it was going to be a really stupid game.
A few weeks later everyone was told about it and people were saying...
"Lama or Duck?" everywhere I went! I really wanted to rip their stupid heads off like a cat when it catches a mouse, yeah, very disturbing.
So one day I down-loaded the app and it was AWESOME! I love it sooooo much that I have a very special folder for it on my IPod. Well at least it’s better than all those geeky kids saying "Solids or liquids?" Hello? We are trying to get through the 21st century here and you start talking all brainy, that is so not going to help.
Near the end of the year, everyone was singing this weird song called "Lama" and it sounded really cool, and this is how it goes...
"Happy lama, sad lama, totally rad lama, Super lama, Drama lama, big fat mama lama."
And yet again I thought it was going to be a really cheap, baloney like song but yet again I was proved wrong and it was sick! OMG!

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