Baby lambs can be bone all different kind of breads there can be little lamb’s big little Baby lamb are very cute when there are little.
Baby lambs grow up to be sheep. girl sheep have a baby. you can shoot boy sheep to eat but you have to keep a boy sheep for a ram.
Baby lambs can be born in all different colours. there can be white black brown skin colour a blackish strawberry colour.
I went to go out to feed the sheep when I got through the gate and in the sheep paddock and I saw a baby lamb. it was sick so I picked it up and took it in side. I had to bath it and dry it with a hair drier. I had to get a clothes basket for a bed. it had a friend which is a cat. the cat’s named Lui. The lamb is called Tiny. Tiny died but before it died tiny ran around the kitchen. When tiny died my throat got all tangled up my lips dropped I tried to stop crying but it didn’t work.

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