R.I.P My Love

We first fell in love at first sight
Thanked great God above
The connections that we felt at first
Begins to fly, right outside the door
Beating ourselves with jealousy
Distance then grows us apart
Where were you when I needed you?
You were never at my side!!!
Do you know how you broke me mentally?
Do you know how this set me back spiritually?
Watching tears run from eye to the floor
Happiness left my soul, now so dark and cold
Life in my eyes no longer shown
If only I could forget about this jealousy thought and let it go
What you did was wrong; you should have not done it
I’m locked in these chains because of you!!!!
I’ve got the key
I’m free
I’m coming for you
The house you chose is where I am
You can’t run or hide
I’m going to stab you in the heart
There you lay with blood on your face
Where can you go?
I have the knife


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