Masks And Armour

In everyday life we hide our faces. And only show it in special cases.Our family, a close friend, someone you trust.Someone who gets it and is accepting and just.We put on a mask when out soul is crying. We put on a mask when our body's in pain.We never show our honest feelings. Or reveal that we are under strain.With bodies protected and faces hidden. Existing in armour that cannot break. And taking it off is strictly forbidden and so we leave it on... asleep or awake.We put on the armour to keep us calmer.To avoid the non-acceptance drama.Though this outfit is our shield.A fearsome blade we also wield.Just remember in the midst of a crowd.There are fearsome fighters who stand strong and proud.Though the mask and armour hides you quite well. Never forget there's still a human...who under it does dwell.