Falling (Titanic)

The day has come to go on the Titanic. I am so excited nothing possibly could go wrong. It feels like a bomb has just hit my heart it’s pumping madly.
I jumped on the boat. 1st class up that way Mrs My family and I went up to 1st class. We couldn’t believe how nice the rooms were. There was a stunning painting on the wall. I stared at the carpet; it was all sorts of different colours. “Everyone we are about to leave the harbour so get ready,” the captain shouted over the loud speaker. The captain continued “if you’re hungry come down stairs and we will tell you when breakfast lunch and dinner is and you can order what you want. And there are some pools with water slides and kites. “Let’s go to the water slide mum please.” Fine but I need you back by 1:20 so we can get ready for lunch which is at 1:30.we went to go my 18 year sister went and played pool.
It became 1:10 so we headed back. When we got back we started getting ready for lunch. We wore our big fat dresses. They looked beautiful. For lunch we had pumpkin soup. With bread 5 hours later we were back at the same spot eating dinner. After dinner Rose and I went out on the deck. Not many people were out there because it was dark and cold. After a while I went back in because I got cold. Rose stayed out on the deck.as I was walking in I saw a guy approach her I peeped out to see why. I could see rose on the other side of the rail about to jump off. Then I saw a man named Jack reach out to grab Rose’s hand she shook and they both grabbed each other’s hand. I walked back to our room not saying a word. Not even to my parents. On the other side of the boat Rose and Jack had fallen in deep love. For the whole night rose didn’t come back. The morning came and Rose still didn’t come back.
“ice berg ahead” the watch man yelled. The ship was approaching it to fast the watch man said it too late. Part of the ship got ripped off.it started to sink slowly. We were worried about Rose. I knew that she had fallen in love with jack.2 hours later the ship had snapped in half. They had the little raft boats out and all the ladies and children were getting on them. We finally saw rose with jack trying to get her on a boat. Mum and I got on a raft dad wasn’t allowed because it was lay dies and children first. We said our last good byes. Jack managed to get rose on a little boat but she jumped off because she wanted to be with jack. The boat got lowered and she missed out.by now the boat was tipped up and sinking faster. Rose and jack had to jump of in to the freezing cold water. They both jumped on to a cupboard door but it started sinking. So out of love jack got off and held on to it instead. In the meantime another ship called the Carpathian was on its way. By the time they got hears jack had dyed of coldness. Rose took his arms and put them of the boat he sank in to the water

Carpathian came and Rose was still alive they put her on the boat to take her to land



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