This Planet We Call Home...

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

I touched upon a discovery that could stop the hate I find,
A feeling which is implanted into every young child's mind,
An emotion that has been lost, so very, very soon,
Deception as at starry nights, we only see one moon,
Imagine what would happen if two planets would collide,
And horror stricken faces would be the best friend by your side,
Gradually the world may turn and face this visible light,
Touch the darkness engulfing us and look into the night,
This feeling like that of something precious and so very rare,
It's only love that's betrayed to make this life unfair,
So touch this hand and tell me what you think I really mean,
Because lines are written strange, they're not always what they seem,
And maybe if we see another world out there tonight,
We'll except the change of new direction, and the feeling will be right.