January 27th,1940

I fall to the ground in a flurry of tears and anguish.Wallace has fallen at war.My dashing husband will no longer be there to protect me at night.The chance that 1 out of 400 survived a bomb raid is foolish.But there is a chance.A flicker of hope.That my husband,has not fallen.

February 16th,1940

I stare out of the boats window,thinking about Wallace,the pain he went through and the pain of others.Why am I here?I'm acting like a selfish child,refusing to accept.Stop.There is hope.Wallace is out there,I know he is.I feel like I am clinging to a rocky,steep cliff,and if I let go at any point,I will fall.

April 9th,1940

Land at last!I never thought I would be so delighted, yet terrified, at once. I knew World War 2 was bad;But I didn't know it was this bad.Bullets whizzed and danced and smoke choked the distant hills.I better find shelter.I hobbled along to an office where they keep records of fallen soldiers.Being on a boat for about 2 months doesn't mean that when you get off you can run a marathon.A little bell sang to me as I walked in.A small man in overalls looked up at me from a desk."Good Morning" he said arrogantly.I breathed a sigh of relief.He speaks English."Thank you for speaking English"I spluttered."If you spoke German,I would be worried there would be a mistake in language,not that I have anything against Germany.""What do you want" he said impatiently.He had an English accent.You can really tell accents when your from Australia like me.I walked up to him "D-d-do yo-ou kn-n-now i-if Wall-Wallace Buc-k d-d-died i-in war?"I asked shakily."What country"said 'Mr Grumpy'."Australia"I told him."Ahhh,here we go.Wallace Buck,born July 26,1903.Died January 16,1940.You can find him outside in the memorial."The world span around so fast,everything went black.

April 11th,1940

I awoke groggily,staring into the face of a beautiful young lady.All she did was stare at me sadly.Finally, she mumbled something I couldn't make out.It sounded like 24 hours.Whatever she said,as soon as she leaves,I'm out of this German hospital.I have to find Wallace.I have accepted his death,but I must find his grave.The lady walked away.Once I was sure she was gone,I stood up.I don't feel to good.Who cares.I ran back to the office,and saw 'Mr Grumpy'inside.I ran to the memorial and started scanning the headstones.I was now feeling so sick it hurt.I found him and stopped.I admired the engraved letters and every blade of grass on him.Suddenly,I turned cold.I fell onto him.24 hours boomed in my head.I now realised the nurse meant 24 hours to live.As I took my last breath,I thought of Wallace.Then I saw him.He ran to me and held me in a tight hug.Now I will be with him forever.