A Better World

I look out on this unforgiving world. 'Butler, what should we do know?' The internet could be fun, he thought to himself, he could hack into the government facility and find out there plans for the future, his dad said it was classified. 'I have an idea', butler then sat down his resting chair, his young master sat down. The view was amazing, the child thought. Good thing his dad was working next to the president of the United States of America. His family was rich, how else are you supposed to afford a skyscraper this tall? But the child never really liked the place this world has become. 'We should hack into the governments classified files', suggested the child. Butler looked at him with disappointed eyes. 'Every day you break the law, use these computers for hacking websites, stealing money, can't you try something different for once?' The child looked at butler, he was 14 years of age, maybe he could try something different. 'What do you suggest then?' Replied the child. 'Read a book? Go for a bike ride? Kids your age should not be thief's breaking the law to get more money, do something that you find fun.' Butler replied.The child thought. He couldn't do much, his mother had left his father and his father was always away working for the government. It was true. He had so much money but he didn't have any friends. He didn't go to school. He wasn't happy. He looked upon what the world had become. Grey skies, cars slowly polluting the once fresh air, an upper floor had been built for the rich, he lived on the upper floor, looking down below he saw the people that were forced to rot below. Everyone thought that the future would be skyscrapers and technology that would allow you to fly and other things. Do we really need that? It's just another way to ruin the world. Everyone thinks that will happen. But how will it if everyone stays inside all day playing xbox and playstation. He went into his camera room. Here he could look at the status of countries around the world. Africa is really struggling at the moment. To bad the government got rid of foreign aid. Then he decided. This world may be bad, but it can be fixed, so then he said to butler, 'I want to go to school, to get friends, to be a normal boy, but first, I must do something, one last job. Butler smiled. So he went into his computer room and hacked into the government facility, but he didn't sell there plans for money, he wrote something. He wrote something that he knew the president would see.
I am now 16 years of age. I am studying a better world at school. I have lots of friends, I see them everyday. Everything has been better since I wrote those words on that web page. Those few words, that changed the world.
Start trying less to be what you want to be, and start trying harder to be what you need to be.


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