I Can

Lights as bright as the sun in my eyes and a weird feeling of paralysis goes through my body. Someone straps restraints on my hands and aliens from the planet earth in suits of white inspecting me . His eyes fixed on me, the tallest man of the group with large cheek bones and a smirk on his face. he spoke to the rest of the group "the boss better give us a raise for finding... This". They all proceeded to walk out, I glanced at the next table spotting my phaser. I try to move towards it but the brown straps restrain me and as I struggle to move I think to myself how did they make these restraints? It must be the work of necromancers. I hear two men speaking as they walk through the door, one in a tailored suit with a mask and another wearing a white jumpsuit holding a big needle. the man in the jumpsuit walks towards me and I hiss intimidatingly for him to back away. As he gets closer I shuffle back he then lunges towards me, I slip out of my brown cuffs running for the door. It leads in to more stranded hall ways. Secretly I sneak by peering into every room I see my blaster I carefully open the door scared that a my fatality was around the corner. Spotting no one in the room I scurried along the edge of the room and grabbed my blaster and I softly tip toed back out sprinting down the hall way turning every once in a while I reach the exit. looking around their was security guards everywhere I believed for a second I was in a maximum security prison.

Blood rushing through my veins carrying adrenaline I blasted off running behind some sort of 4 wheeled beast. it was clear I had not thought this through because the beast came to a halt and they surrounded me. I had realised an emergency button to call for help I smacked it being my only hope I surrendered and two brutes both grabbed my arm aggressively and dragged me inside. But before I had entered we heard a sound which hurt our ears and a big ship emerged out of the bushes and it was the mother ship. The elders emerged out and brought some of their kind out the ship the men from earth were pleased and allowed me to leave back to my planet Ikali.