A Broken Heart And An Angry Mind

A Broken Heart and an Angry Mind
– By Brianna Hicks
The Heart goes up in flames and turns to ash.
The blood in her veins freeze and run cold.
The nerves in her body go numb.
The last spark of hope in her eyes die,
and the blue-green eyes turn grey and lifeless.
Her facial expression blank.
Her mind sneers and scowls remembering last time.
How it took eternities to build a block; a force-field.
How it took forever to plaster and polish the cracked heart.
But this time, the mind knows that the heart isn’t fixable,
and the wall will take longer to rebuild,
and needs to be stronger than before.
The girl is like a zombie, no more emotion or feeling.
Like a zombie who feeds and survives on flesh,
she feeds and endures on misery; the mind thinks it knows best.
The mind is now in control.


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