Race To Greed Mountain

Snow settled softly on the stony mountainside
Where two old men once lived
One who had lived a lonely inside life
The other on the out, who, his whole life had only love to give

The mountaintop was ice white, this year
And the man who lived inside
Had a fireplace, and felt a rather sincere objection to the man outside
Whose one and only fear, was the lonely death he could die

The man who breathed the mountain’s open-air
Had nothing but the clothes on his back
He knew he would die this year
But he would change nothing even if he could go back

The inside man would live for many years
But his selfish existence would be solitary
Nothing more than a stash of souvenirs; he was Scrooge voluntarily
With a fireplace and no need for tears
He wouldn’t be the one but he would be the only