Ode To My Mum

Your sugar on me is so sweet
When I do bad you help me to do good
Always when you write for me it is neat
Crime comes past I’m under the hood
You keep me safe all day and night
Your work is so not hard
If danger comes close I’m out of sight
On a special day I always get money in a card
You set up parties and others that are fun
She vacuums my floor and tidies the rooms
If you aren’t here no chores would be done
You don’t make me eat disgusting things like shrooms
You buy me food, clothes and brand new toys
She’ll help me with everything even broken bone
You teach me all about girls and boys
I know everything because I had been fabulously shown
She has taken me to wonderful places like Thailand
She buys me delicious foods that do rule
I have been taught to be older so I can expand
My mum Kyley, the graceful girl she’s the one I care about the most because she is really cool!

Written by Charley Fredrickson – Age 10