I Got Pranked!

Yes I’m the first one up now I can have peace and quiet, oh dam Jude’s up now there will be a lot of noise oh maybe I can go to the river and see if there are any fish jumping, wow how long does it take for a fish to jump out of the water waiting, waiting oh cool I saw a little fish jump out of the water. I love the water in the morning especially if it’s warm but I love to snorkel and here comes my brother hopefully he won’t annoy me. Jude don’t you think the river is really scary at night I do but during the day it is so much fun. 16 HOURS LATER
There I go running back to our camp site with my Aunty and there’s my Uncle is sitting on a chair and there was also our friends Andrew and Kitty. Then my Uncle turned and said “WHAT’S THAT” with a shock and flashed the light over to the other side of the river. I saw something and it looked like a monkey or a gorilla but whatever it was I was really scared and I was starting to shake and shiver. After we watched what it was doing my uncle turned away then quickly flashed the light back because we heard the grass moving and waving on the other side of the river, when we looked were the light was shining we couldn’t see anything but then from out of nowhere a humongous monkey thing jumped out of the grass and leaned back and it waved it’s arms and it looked like a bear. I got so scared that I shivered so much I couldn’t stand up, and then I got terrified because it ran over the bridge to the camp site and I thought it was going to come and attack us. Then I went and sat on my Aunties knees and she could feel me shivering and Andrew and kitty were just sitting and talking, while I still didn’t know were dad went then he finally came back and said he just went to go get his towel because he left it in the bathroom . I told him that we saw this monkey, bear thing that was so scary. It was about 10:00 so Dad said I had to go to bed and we were still really scared, then just before we got to the tent Dad told us that the thing across the river was him and then we got really annoyed and I felt stupid because I just got pranked and I never knew I would get pranked. Know I try to get Dad back but I can’t think of anything smashing and funny so that it will make me laugh, but I am going to get you back dad.