I sat on my bed writing in my diary even though I was meant to do my homework. I was stressing that I didn't write in my diary last night. So I decided that I will write it tonight. This is what I wrote:

Dear Diary,
Today was fun. I played with my friends at school and had a great day. I will report to you tomorrow.

Love, Belle

Pretty silly huh? Anyway, I always stress even if it's the smallest thing imaginable. After I had finished writing in my diary, I changed into my pj's and tucked into bed. It was 10:00 o'clock already and I soon fell fast asleep. The next morning, my alarm woke me up bright and early. I dressed, had breakfast then went to school. Then I started stressing! When I got to school, my stressing was so obvious that everyone thought of an idea. They told me together: "You need a Vacation!" "A vacation!?" I asked surprised. They all nodded. Maybe I did need one. So when I got home, I told my mum and she said that was a great idea! She told me I could go to Italy to visit grandpa and grandma for 3 weeks. I was excited! Maybe this vacation would help me to stop stressing after all! (It did!)

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