It's fading... everything... fading and all the voices in my head are echoing. Screams of frightened people have started. I blacked out. Nothing but blackness.

I'm clueless I don't know what has happened. I try to sit up I can't, it's my back, and also I am all alone in a big white room, I feel like I am chained to the ground in prison. It is terrible. Then mum burst in crying and muttering "you...wheelchair...f-for...2...months!"
The doctor explains everything calmly. I start sobbing and look away I can't bare anymore. But, I decide to not feel sorry for myself, because at least I am alive. I am as lucky as a four leaf clover!
Later, I wheeled outside at night then a rock started breathing up and down went its chest and the air blew in my face I felt happy for that moment so I wheeled inside and waited for two months to be up.
Two months later, I was in rehab I was as slow as a snail and it wasn't exactly a walk in a park at all. That night I went into my room in hospital. I saw the doctor and mum talking, tears running down mums face scared me, I think bad news is coming my way. "Can I tell her?" cried mum "of course" said doctor, "you can come home tonight" "what" I exclaimed, "yes, I know I am excited too" said mum with joy, "thank you" I said! I thought to myself now I am a machine that can not be knocked down.

It's fading everything is fading except this time I am in my own bed falling asleep.


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