Fall Of Darkness

It was a normal Sunday when the weirdest thing happened’ I was with my pop in his four wheeled drive. The desert was long and wide and suddenly a hitchhiker’ who was in the middle of the road’ disappeared into thin air’ I thought I was hallucinating. As we went on it happened again a man disappeared from his jeep. The jeep went off the road’ we quickly stoped and ran to the flipped jeep. The driver was gone but a little boy remained strapped in the back of the car. we quickly got him out of the car because it was on fire. We took him back to the SUV we started driving again but it did not help. Once we saw the town my pop disappeared and we went driving straight for the creek I quickly slammed the brake we stopped just before the creek beginning.
I decided to walk to the town it was called Armadillo. As we were passing into Armadillo we were greeted by an old prospector but just as I was going to ask a question he disappeared leaving only a pickaxe a tobacco pipe and a shovel it was strange when they disappeared they left everything but clothes.
I decided to walk on in the matter of 5 minutes everyone was gone as I walked into my pops rundown saloon I heard a scream then I saw a bright light shoot through the wall I quickly ducked I looked out it was a girl but something was strange she was shooting beams of light from her eyes.
I quickly bolted down the stairs and on to the porch just as I got there a the sun went out the beams of light left her eyes and she dropped to the ground I slowly walked over to her she was out cold
I picked her up and put her in a bed it was dark now then sun was gone I got the little boy and bandaged his arm up just when I had finished the kids arm the girl woke up she weakly asked where am I. I told everything she was freaked I stood up and got the little boy I asked him his name he said his name was john I told him where leaving soon I asked the girl if she wanted she was still weak so all I got was a little nod

As I took some fuel for the jeep and we were off I had collected some other utensils such as my pop knife a torch some medical supplies some more fuel three jackets and some camping items I was a learner in a car so I was alright as we were driving a swarm of bats charged at us the little boy was panicking and the girl was fast asleep I put the roof up and drove as fast as I could I eventually lost them as I pulled into morocco forest it was midnight what were we going to do now but that’s a storey for a another time .