As I woke up from my warm cozy bed, I was the most excited about going camping with Josie. I am Indiana and Josie is my husband. I am 23 and
he is 30. We are both very scared about almost anything, especially our worst enemies, which are vampires because they are just atrocious.

As we got to Yamba Caravan Park in New South Wales, we unpacked our bright yellow and black caravan that I like to call Bumble Bee. After we settled in with Bumble Bee we had a nice barbeque by the fire, followed by some roasted marshmallows.

We fell asleep within a couple of seconds with the warmth of the fire still burning. While we were sleeping, Josie woke up straight away and screamed at the top of his lungs. He had had a dream about Vampires. He dreamt that there was one right next to him.

The following day we had a massive day at Spooky Beach, walking through thick, slightly wet sand and surfing waves 5 foot tall,
As you could imagine we were very tired.

When we got back to Bumble Bee, we skipped out on dinner and went straight to bed. Something seemed wrong. Both of us just could not get to sleep. We tried and tried but ended up siting there for at least an hour looking at the ceiling, Until at 12.53 am Josie heard a noise coming from beside our bed. He reached next to him to get the torch and shone it at the mystery noise. There was a VANPIRE. It had brown eyes with red circles around them and blood dripping down from its mouth. We shout the most rudest thing. People in the caravan park would think that we had been murdered or something even worse.

I was trying my hardest to be brave and to not freak out so I said in a calm voice, “What are you doing in my caravan? The vampire said that the colours of Bumble Bee attracted her over. We were trying to keep calm and started talking back as kindly as possible. After talking for 2 minutes we were still shocked but she was not as bad as we thought vampires were like. We were talking for a while with the Vampire and actually became friends with her.

Josie said to me with the most cheesy smile he has ever put on his face, that Vampires are not that vicious and bad after all.

BY Amelie Harriss


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