Mankind And Nature

The open door allowed my clear eyes to see nature’s true gift,
Before mankind, the sky gazed clear, calm and peaceful at most,
The trees stood high like awaiting soldiers,
Glaring down a deep frown, waiting to be replaced by buildings,

The wind let out a roar as it witnessed the cries of the trees,
Being murdered with strange tools controlled by mankind itself,
The broken trees turned black with no sight of life,
Smiles grew as did mankind,

Nature itself alone could not mend it’s sadden thoughts,
My eyes spoke louder than my own voice could ever speak,
Was this just the beginning for mankind and machine?
Will my children ever see nature’s true gift?

Buildings replaced the awaiting soldiers,
After mankind, the sky gazed dark, hated and disturbed at most,
Glaring down a miserable frown, the wind no longer roared,
The door no longer allowed my eyes to see nature’s true gift.