Tainan was getting ready for work. Then left his home. (His work was construction worker.) And when he got there he fell in this deep, deep, deep hole and found this weird thing called the cicaer.
(: 23:30 hours later :)
Tainan was getting up and he saw the cop and was angry because he had cicaer. But he had the cicaer that means she could do any-thing. So he got up and escaped and went through a hole and went to the West Desert.
(: 5 mins later :)
He looked around and he found a club. He had a little drink. Then he went off and found the cop again with some robots. So he ran and found another hole and this took him to the
(: 5 mins later :)
And came to the middle cave. And made new friends called Fayez, Saxer, Defray and Enzxer.
(: 5 mins later :)
They made a plan to defeat the cop's plan. But it didn’t happen he went to court.
(: day later :)
He made another plan if he says the good thing it will save the planet so he was strong as to break the cage. So he went out there and said the words “hay cop”
“Back from the dead”
“No I came to say look at all these people that they inspire you to get the bad guys. They want you to do that so it is not a bad planet and more people being bad. It’s your job and your famous already but it is so close to be not just put them in jail not the good.”
“Ok, let’s do this!”
Don’t forget Tainan saved the world?