Nearly Out

Nearly out

I’m cold, chains are sinking into my neck. I’m having a hard time surviving. My heart is racing with fear. I’ve got to get out of this prison. I can hear the guards whispering in the shadows talking about how they’re going to kill me. I’m in here for taking an old book from a school near the street we live on. I’ve been planning to get out of here for months and I finally know how.

So here is what I’m going to do, just because the key is close to my cell it will be easier to get it. I try to reach it with my hand but my hand is just too short. I have to be careful or I’ll get caught. I tried with a pole. I have almost got it BUT I hear the guards' loud stomping feet and their hard, black shoes in the distance.

Yes I got caught but the guard did't say anything, all he did was take me into a dark room with nothing in it. Then he said I’m going to stay there for a bit and after that he's going to keep me in prison for a very long time.

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