Rainbow Animals

I was bouncing on a rainbow when I saw,

a rainbow unicorn without a flaw ,

so I jumped on his back an we rode away,

and we were playing on rainbows for the rest of the day.

rainbow unicorns, rainbow unicorns,rainbow unicorns, rainbow unicorns!

we were bouncing, in the clouds,

so I took a photo, for my blouse,

and I saw a tiger with a friend on top,

so me and him bounced until we dropped.

rainbow unicorns, rainbow tigers ,rainbow unicorns ,rainbow tigers!

and guess what I saw another friend,

with a GIANT rainbow kitten.

rainbow unicorns, rainbow tigers, giant rainbow kittens,rainbow unicorns!!

then we saw a rainbow dino
hanging out with a rainbow rhino, WAIT I HAVEN'T FINISHED YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CREDITS ……………………………….special thanks to rainbow unicorn and friends!!!!!!


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