Land Of Fire

Darkness crept around her, covering her in an inky, black cloak. Her pale face and hands were all you could see of her as she sprinted through the trees, her green eyes glowing in the darkness. The wind whipped through her hair and branches grasped at her face and body. Small scratches covered her hands and her pale face. A huge crash sounded in the darkness behind her. She stopped suddenly, her hands flying to her belt, where two long, silver hunting knives were sheathed. Her straight black hair swirled around her face. Then, an explosion lit up the night, black and orange flames surrounded her, coming closer. The fire revealed her face, she was young and clad in a tough, black, flexible material. The fabric clung to her, showing a well muscled and strong body. The fire crept closer, the woman reached out her hand towards it, the fire bent and reached towards her. The flames caught and spread up her arm, she smiled slightly as the flames covered her body, and danced through her hair. Suddenly the flames on her back reached higher, forming a pair of wings two meters long. She turned and raised her head to the sky then jumped further than should've been possible, her wings beating. She soared over the burning forest, her fiery body casting light over the canopy below. The forest ended and a plain lay before her. A plain of ash and flame. The plain was far from deserted, and as soon as the woman was in sight, the creatures below screamed and roared. Bows were raised and swords drawn. Then the leader of this army roared louder then any. Very slowly the creatures obeyed him and lowered their weapons. The leader came forward and spoke to her, in a low guttural voice. "It is over!" He said, "All your people are dead! There is no one left to stop us! You will bow down or you will die. What is you choice?"
"You kill my people! You burn my home! Yet you still, ask me to serve you! My name is Kiera! Bow down? Ha! Never!" She dived down to meet the leader. He raised his sword, and sneered. Kiera drew both her knives , dodged his first strike, darted forward, and lashed out with her knife. Cutting him on the arm, it only annoyed him. He snarled and struck again. Kiera rolled away from the sword, and crouched. Knees bent, they began to circle each other like wolves. Kiera made the next move, a quick feint towards his leg, then she leaped up, her body twisting. She landed on his head, quick as lighting she thrust her dagger between the monster's eyes. It let out a deafening roar and exploded, sending her sailing through the air. She hit the ground hard and lay still. Her breath coming in short painful gasps. A shape descended through the smoke, and lifted her up, carrying her away through the fire, towards the horizon.

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