Walking With Myself

Walking with myself

Today I woke up to a lightning storm, Conner, Coby and Charlie are talking to Sir Andy about what war we are going to next. I didn’t choose to be here the government did, no one has a choice these days .Everybody else are in their other tents sleeping. We go to breakfast at 5:30am .We get horrible food it’s like eating grass and the water we drink tastes recycled, “Yuck”, all of the food is just disgusting. “Conner, Coby and Charlie walk in talking about Papua New Guinea, I ask why they are talking about Papua New Guinea, Coby replies sadly, “Were going there to fight”. It’s time for breakfast, our cook is nice but awful at cooking. Today for breakfast its slop well it’s meant to be pumpkin soup, but it’s brown and chunky. I grab a plate and go into the line for slop, now I’m at the front of the line so I hold my plate out and “Splat” the soup hits the plate and goes everywhere ,then I go sit down with Conner, Charlie and Coby. I put some soup on my spoon, close my eyes, open my mouth, stuff it in and try and swallow it. Sir Andy comes up onto the stage with a micro-phone and a sad look on his face, he wipes a tear from his eye, he takes a deep breath and says “We aren’t going to go to Papua New Guinea, we are going home, Well not to your home you’re going to mine because there is bombs and planes over there and now my wife is dead.” Now that I heard this, my smile becomes a frown, it gives me a shiver up my back because I live where Sir Andy lives and so does my family. Are they alive or are they dead? I start whispering to myself, “I’m walking with myself” over and over again, I say it .My grandfather told me this, it means you’re in your own bubble and nothing can hurt you. All of a sudden we hear bombs its Papua New Guinea, instead of us going to them they come to us. They must have not heard we cancelled the war. We all start running out of the room. Just by looking at this makes me feel like dying. So I lie down and close my eyes hoping never to wake up. “I’m walking with myself” I say once more.