Jimmy was using his new earphones while going on a jog and he noticed a curious creepy looking house. He then saw a fishbowl through the window of the creepy house and saw that their a fish upside down and floating at the top of the bowl, Jimmy then realised that this fish had died. He was quite curious about why the fish died since he saw fish’s food floating at the top of the bowl signifying it was fed not long ago.
Filled with curiosity he went inside the house and went into the lounge room. He looked up and saw perhaps the most petrifying symbol known to Christianity, the devil’s symbol, only this time, Jimmy saw it written in blood on the ceiling of the lounge room. Jimmy was so frightened since he was a strong catholic believer, he did not move a single muscle. He looked around the room full of shock and noticed a door cut in the floorboards. The door was about one metre wide and one metre long.
Full of curiosity he ran to his best friend’s house, Ryan, to tell him the news. Jimmy knocks on his door urgently. Jimmy told Ryan about the news then he quickly got dressed and ventured with Jimmy to the creepy house. Jimmy showed Ryan to the square passage door in the lounge room, the dead goldfish next to the window and also the Devil’s sign written on the ceiling of the lounge room in blood. Full of fear Ryan said ‘Are you sure about this Jimmy, it seems exciting and all but I don’t plan on dying anytime soon’.Jimmy convinced Ryan to venture through the house by blackmailing him he will tell Ryan’s biggest secrets to his mother.
They went to the square passage door, found their courage and went inside. When inside Ryan saw a role of glad wrap. Jimmy assumed it was for wrapping dead bodies to reduce the odour of the deceased. All of a sudden, Ryan called Jimmy over to his destination in the dark room. With a terrified whisper Ryan said ‘Jimmy look...’ Jimmy sees a bench top full of photos of them. At this point they were full of fear so they ran back out the passage door but the door shut on them with an aggressive force. They had started to cry and panic because they were scared they were going to be trapped in this dark room for the rest of their lives.
After a few minutes Jimmy found his courage by thinking about his family. Jimmy then assured Ryan that they would get out of this house alive and they will see their families again. It took a few hours when finally, Jimmy found a second passage door. This passage held a long, long tunnel but when they finally reached the end it was a white abyss full of brightness, peacefulness and was also quite relieving for Jimmy and Ryan.
They were in this white atmosphere for a long time. Until everything started to get dark until finally they ended up in a small compact box just tall enough for their sizes. They then realised they were in coffins. Ryan has passed after a few minutes of being in the coffin since he used up all his oxygen when he was screaming, but Jimmy was still alive thinking about his family and how he should have never gone into that house, He looks around getting his thoughts and images of the world before he leaves. He sits tight and holds his new earphones on his chest.



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