Magic Puppies

One day when a girl called Emily was walking in the bush, she heard a cry, and it sounded like some sort of animal So Emily followed the sound. The next thing Emily saw was a cute little golden retriever crying in a little bush. Emily went over and picked it up. She was about to pat it when the puppy said “ I am a puppy called storm and if you promise to keep me safe then take me home with you and I will explain everything”. So Emily took Storm home and put him on her bed. Storm said “I am a puppy with magic in my heart so I can do anything you want so please keep me safe by keeping my secret to yourself”. Emily was very surprised but she promised to keep storms secret. Storm also said that there is a wolf called thunder that is after him, so Storm would have to stay with Emily for a while. Emily looked after Storm very well. One day Emily took Storm to school, but when they got there some things went wrong.
Firstly, Storm made himself invisible but spilt paint all over Emily’s art work, and then tripped over Emily’s art teacher which wasn’t good because she broke her arm. Emily then helped her art teacher up.
When Emily and storm got home storm apologised to Emily and Emily forgave storm because she knew it was an accident. It was also because Emily loved storm. The next day Storm heard Thunder running around Emily’s backyard, so storm magically made Emily and himself to magic puppy land. Magic puppy world was very different to the human world because the puppy world had coloured bones instead of traffic lights, it also had dog food for the clouds and kennels for the houses.
Emily and storm ran to storms house where his mum, dad and baby sister Melodie were. Storm introduced Emily to his family. Emily stayed for dinner but she had to go and pick berries and apples for her dinner while storm and his family had dog food.
The next day when Emily and storm were walking through the woods in magic puppy world they heard a cry, just like the one that Emily heard when she found storm. They both followed the sound and ended up next to another puppy that looked exactly like storm.
Storm shouted straight away and said “Ben is that you?” and the puppy said “yes, it is that you storm?” And Storm said “yes” so they both hugged and hugged until Emily said “storm that is this?” Storm said “this is my brother who got lost four years ago”.
Emily, storm and Ben went back to their house storm and Ben told the whole story and their parents were very happy to see Ben too. They were so happy so they all celebrated and had a party.
When the party was over Storm heard Thunder again so Storm and Emily went outside with Ben and there was Thunder standing right in front of them so they had a fight.
Thunder was winning at first but then Storm, Emily and Ben caught up and won. Thunder got hurt so he had to stop the fight and go to the wolf hospital. He stayed there for a very very long time.
Storm, Emily and Ben were very happy with themselves and became great friends!