Gray looked straight at the… thing in front of her. From afar, it could classify as a person. With a strong, tall build, two legs, two arms and a pretty decent shaped head it could pass as human. Then if you came closer, if you looked into its face you can see that it is anything but what we call mortal. It had no eyes, no nose, no mouth and no heart. The wings on its back were clamped tightly together.
“What do you want from me, angel?” Gray muttered, her eyes for which she was named not moving from the being. If she stopped looking and if she stopped showing respect it would kill her in a heartbeat. Its feathers bristled.
Call me by my real name, a faceless voice drifted into her head and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Or I will have no choice but to end your life. Even though the threat was standard with angels, it still shook Gray to the bone. This thing was much stronger than her and she would not be able to stop it from harming her.
She bowed her head, still looking at its ‘face’. “I apologise, Ethereal. Please forgive me.” A strand of red hair fell over her eye but it didn’t stop her from keeping eye contact with it. The wings spread out, dying sunlight streaming through the white feathers.
Gray was worrying. She didn’t know why the angel was here. What did it want from her? She’d followed the strict rules that have been drilled into her head since she was young, she’d been inside every day when the sun set. Speaking of which, the sun was starting to go down but she couldn’t leave the angel. That would be disrespectful. She would die.
What is your name? Trick question. It knew what her name was. They all know. It just wanted to know if Gray remembered how to answer this question.
“My name is nothing compared to the title you hold,” She whispered, her shoulders tense as the sun dipped lower. She understood it now. The angel did not need to question Gray at all. She was just one of the unfortunate few that the angels keep out until nightfall so they have a reason to kill.
A tear slipped down her pale cheek, dripping down to her chin and on to the ground.
The angel cocked its head to the side and even though it didn’t have a mouth, Gray could feel it smirking at her. Why are you crying?
“Because you’re going to kill me,” She sobbed just as the sun dipped below the horizon. Night had fallen. Already a dead girl walking, Gray fell to the ground just as the angel scooped her up and took her away to die.
A middle aged man with greying blond hair looks at Gray before him, his shoulders tensed. She looks back at him with no emotion.
“What do you want, angel?” He asks her, the setting sun illuminating them.


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