Odium, animosity, indignant
Trepidation, melancholy
Emotions that seep through my veins
In a state of confusion, nothing seems right
I shiver and tingle as my lips curl tight
Eyes shut firm ||

I'm besieged by my own bleak & dismal obscurity
No perception of security
The frights of death itself have fallen upon me
I can't stifle my tears any longer
My very heart itself is in austere pain

I pine to be stronger
However, all my courage has been slain
An unreachable dream; to be happy
I know it may not last forever
But for now I persist on pills

I desire for there to be a lever
To take away my anguish
Swifter that a thief in the night
Deplorably, this isn't possible
So I must conflict within myself
From somewhere or somehow
For if I let this darkness overcome me
It will be eternal

In some paradoxical means or form
I may just
Quite possibly
Unearth the way out
Leading to perpetual freedom
Releasing me ||

From this Labyrinth


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