I Had Made A Deal With The Demon

There it is. The hole that no one ever dares to go into. I wonder what is so wrong about it. Did something really bad happen in that hole? I want to find out so badly. Maybe this is the 'curious nature' my late mother was talking about. She and father were both mysteriously found dead while I was away in Chile. It was such a mystery; even the detectives could not solve it. I wonder why. The only thing that they found out was that they walked past this hole them day before. That didn't really lead to anything. Except the fact that all the people that were near the hole were suspects. None of them owned up though. it was all very strange. I, the heir to the head of my family, actually knew who the killer was, but I couldn’t tell. Not the detectives, not my maids, not even my own pets. I could tell nobody. But that didn't mean I couldn't go and get my revenge. I would get it, even if it was the last thing I would do.

I had read about them. The Demons. They could help you do whatever you wanted, and when that was done, you would have to repay them with something that you could never replace or get back. The book didn't say though. I don’t care what the cost is, I will do anything to avenge my parents' deaths.
The window when I saw something strange happening outside.
"What do you want? You have no business here! Leave immediately!" I shouted, running outside.
"Why of course I do. I am here to make a deal with you."
Wait, mist can't talk.
"So, do you want the deal or not?" the voice was slightly impatient.
"I help you with your wish and in return..."
"In return what?" this time it was my turn to be impatient.

"You will give me your soul when you are done.
"So, is it a deal?"

I though hard. Yes, I definitely wanted it. This may be the only chance I will get.

"Yes. It is a deal."
"To mark the deal, will give you a seal, One on me and one on you."

He burned a mark on my eye.
"You will use it to order me. When you use the mark, I will truly follow your orders. Until the very end. For now I will disguise myself as your butler. Yes?"

As I walked back up to my room with my new ' butler', I realised something.

I had made a deal with the demon