Ned Saves Dick

"Ned was not a villain; Ned might not have been a hero either. But
I’ll tell you the reason, I’m still here today." - Dick Shelton Ned’s view
of what happened:
It was a dark, cloudy and very windy day. I was walking to school; I could
hear the river’s gushing water, ready to take anything that enters it. I
saw a boy leaning over the river. I thought to myself, “what an idiot, if
he fell in there, he would be a goner!” I turned and continued my walk.
I looked up at the dark, cloudy sky. The wind rushed past, you could
almost hear it saying “help me.” The leaves on the tree’s where flying
off. I heard the wind again “help me”. It sounded louder this time. I
turned and saw it wasn’t the wind saying “help me”, it was the boy, he
fell in the lake! I was shocked! No one was around - I couldn’t just stand
there and watch! (Well, let him drown.) I ran as quick as lightning, and
stood at the edge of the brown murky water, which touches the river bank.
I couldn’t see a living soul through the brown murky water!
He bursted through the water like a whale would. He looked at me with an
innocent face, trying not to go under. I dived in without a concern, my
eyes focused on that one spot the helpless kid went under.
As I hit the ice-cold, freezing water, I felt a shock of bravery. As I
struggled to reach the boy, I felt something move around my legs, whether
it was weeds, fish or eels, it shocked me so much. I pushed the boy out
with a big burst of energy.
Once he was on the river bank, I then had my own trouble trying to get
out. I went under. While I was thinking I was going to die, I bursted out.
I looked for a branch, or something to grab a hold of. I went back under
the dark, murky, brown water. I almost reached the darkest, deepest and
dirtiest part of the river, when I grabbed hold of a thick root, that
stuck out from the river bank, where a large tree hung over.
I slowly pulled myself out, with the ice-cold water trying to sweep my off
my feet, I managed it. I rushed over to the boy. He spewed gushing water
from his mouth.
“Are you okay?” I hesitated.
“Yes, thank-you” Dick said thankfully.
We stood up. Dick stumbled a bit. I put his arm around the back of my neck
and we started to walk to Dick’s house. Blood was running down his leg,
from the cut he got in the river. The wind was nerve racking, it sent
chills shooting up my spine.
We finally reached Dick’s house.
Mrs Shelton gave me the ‘Death-stare'.
“Why are you wet Dick?” she asked,
“Ned saved me from drowning in the river!”
She was surprised and rewarded me. Not with money, but with a green silk
sash with gold trimmed ends. It’s about 2 meters long, and I wear it on
special occasions.
Mr and Mrs Shelton then forgot about their missing horse. I got home, and
my mum was so happy with me. It’s so hard to explain just how much, but it
felt good to be appreciated.
“That’s how Ned saved me, I didn’t know him, and he risked his life for
Do you think he is a Hero or Villain?