Natural Order

Take it down to the stream where the children play
and the animals eat and the old horses play
where life began and will ultimately end
in the earth where we hail, care for and defend
Take it down to the roots of the greatest oak
where life has moved, where the ancients spoke,
where their breath moved to me and mine to the land
where the people and the animals stand, hand in hand

Take it to the grass, to the sky to the stream
where the earth isn’t at all what it once seemed
where the water is black and the grass just crumbles
where our ancestors feet have all withered and stumbled
Where the buildings scream and shriek, scared of heights
where the leaders of the land can no longer fight
where oppressors of the earth push, pull and re-shape
till we’re all the same mould, same blood, same fate.
Take it back to the forest, to the rain to the silence,
where the sounds sound of love, peace and nonviolence
when we ate what we found and we found what we need
when the people of earth didn’t evolve to need greed
when the people of the mother who nurtured us all
didn’t turn their back to just let her fall
to the burning pit of the monsters we create.
Because we need to understand her fate is our fate.

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