Lampy Larry The Loving Lamp Post

Limpy Lampy loving Larry wanted to play,
but being a lamp post it’s hard to move and sway,
Standing on his one steel leg, thoughts and dreams would form in his head,
Dreaming of being Captain of the sea,
taking a step,…..Being a world famous architect……
Dreams would come and dreams would go, but not one had come true,
and after time, Lampy Larry was sad and in A miserable mood,
Larry had made many friends and helped many too,
so in secret these caring creatures would meet to discuss,
how to help make Larry’s life be filled with happiness,
A special gift secretly snuck, at midnight - when twelve struck,
placed at Lampy Larry's foot, for him to receive when the morning took,
Larry awoke in an excited state, to receive a tall wrapped gift and a slice of cake,
The ribbon undone, the gift box lid off, a special surprise, covered in cloth,
a smile Lampy made, lost some time ago, as waiting before him was another lamp post,
Her name was Mary, they got along, by day they shared their thoughts and dreams together,…
…and became best friends for ever and ever.

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