Sally And Albert

Sally and Albert were best friends, although Sally was a cat and Albert was a beautiful mockingbird they did simply everything together. Today was different as Albert didn't come out to play. In fact he didn't come out the next day nor the following. Sally became tired of waiting. Six months had passed before Albert came up to Sally to ask if they could hang out together, but she ignored him. He was puzzled. Albert became very sad. He didn't sing lovely tunes anymore. The only thing he did was stay indoors by himself, until one day Sally approached him and asked why he was so miserable. Albert told her that he was lonely and sad as she didn't play with him anymore. Sally said she was upset because he had left her alone all winter. Albert explained to her that he had migrated to a warmer place during winter and he did not have enough time to tell her. They apologized to each other and became best friends again. From that day on, Sally migrates with Albert and the other mockingbirds. They carry Sally in a cloth by their claws. Next time you see a flock of birds make sure you look carefully and you might see Sally with them.


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