Falling Down The Rabbit Hole

"Dinah! Dinah, where are you?" There's no response, I climb over a fallen down tree that's blocking my way, I'm in the middle of the forest looking for my little grey puppy who ran off, she loves to play games and this one is one of her many favourites. I stop to listen for a second.
"Dinah, can you hear me?" I get a small bark in response,
"Dinah, it's getting late and dark, Mum is probably worried sick, please come out." I look at the sun which is now disappearing behind the trees, not looking where I'm going I trip over a little stump and fall onto the ground, I stand up and look down at my feet to see that mud is caked on my shoes and all over my bright blue dress, I groan knowing that my mum is going to kill me when she sees the state of it.
"I'm going to get into trouble, it's my good dress and I'm ruining it." Still nothing,
"Dinah, I'm going home, I'm sick of your games, if you don't come out I'll leave you here." Finally she barks, I look in the direction of the noise and see a dirty little puppy climb out from under a tree root. She gives me a look saying that's saying 'come chase me!' and runs in the opposite direction as fast as her little stumpy legs can take her.
"Are you serious? I'm not chasing you!" I yell, the puppy stops dead in her tracks and just stands in one spot just like a statue, I walk up to the cheeky puppy to grab her and she jogs off again. I groan and follow her through the muddy forest. She walks into a hollowed out tree, and into a large rabbit hole.
"Dinah, come out of there!" I yell, I step towards it to look down inside it and slip over the edge of the hole. I'm falling fast, so fast I might fall out of the other side of the earth, I close my eyes, scared that when I hit the bottom I'll die. What have you got me into this time, Dinah? I think. I open my eyes and realize that I'm not falling anymore, I'm floating, as well as all kinds of junk, old books, chairs, clocks and just junk. I grab a book, it's titled 'Alice in Wonderland' it has a small white rabbit in a waist coat on printed on the front just under the writing. I place the book on a floating pile and continue to look around. I look down and see my little grey puppy sitting waiting for me, she is no longer all muddy, she actually looks like she just had a bath and she's wearing a cute pink bow around her neck. I look at my dress and it's exactly the same. I land softly on the ground and to my surprise Dinah says,
"Welcome to Wonderland, Alice."


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