Dang It!

“What is it…? Oh my glob!”
“Behold, the coolest thing ever, (I think) A PORTAL (leading to I have no idea land)!”
There, right in front of them. A purple colour with shades of outlined black.
Soon after, Darcy heard something.
He heard a “Gribit” and a “Grra”. At first, he didn’t realise what he was hearing but then found out it was a little green frog!
The green skin of the frog was as green as the blades of leaf in the treetops.
It also had a pair of yellow diamond - crossed eyes with a dark brown background.
The frog’s eyes shimmered in the reflection of the water in the lake as it kept “Gribiting” and “Grraing”.
“Come on, let’s go in!”
“I don’t know. My mum told me that peer pressure only leads to disaster.”
“Don’t believe everything your mum says, be FREE!”
“Okay, well it’s not as bad as suffering from anything even worse. Yeah, let’s do this thing!”
“YEAH! That’s the spirit. And remember, I’ll always be there ‘til the end man.”
“Come on Fredward, let’s go into the light!”
“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Right into the wrath of
Dr. Noobensteine. They just don’t know anything do they. Oh kids (not days but) all the time.”
The evil eyes of the dark master glared at the (so called) dumb kids as they entered the place of reality, time travel back to the year 2014 (from 3106).
“Wow! This place is so awesome!”
“Oh my glob, dude that’s you, Darcy Jr!”
“Are we allowed to bring him back?”
“No way man, he’s you. The only difference is that you landed in this tree with me from the time of 3106, while he’s (you) crawling around like a boom, boom baby!”
“Fine, fine, but that means we don’t get to bring home you as baby!”
“Noooooo…I don’t care. Come on, we’ve seen enough, let’s go back!”
“I wish we could but I don’t that’s possible!”
Out of the mystical portal came the evil master Dr. Jack or Jake I don’t know, someone Noobensteine, with his awesome evil spy frog companion. So the suspicious frog wallowed behind as the gang of murderers commanded their evil robots to attack the best of friends.
Darcy then discovers that the only way out of 2014 and back into the present of 3106 is for a fight to happen.
Darcy grabbed Freddy from the hands and swung him (like hammer throw) so hard that Freddy was in the air like an awesome sumo – wrestler duo!
“Let’s beat some robot butt partner!”
“Sure thing boss!”
So the young lads knocked out one – metal – head – knight - by – one!

Once all the clonck, cling, bash, bang, the warm – ups were over and the bosses entered the arena, Freddy explained something in a French accent! –
“Ve vill be serving fishy legs for dinnier tonight!” with a pounding fist.
So Freddy and Darcy made the crossed eyes of the frog tilted to the other side.
Plus, Freddy actually did bring for dinner, the evil but fresh fish legs to share the classic French dinner for both families to enjoy. Of cause, no one ate the spirit’s heart or else…
The prophecy states that if you are the one who eats the heart, you will turn into the frog! ?
So as I always say, fresh punch, fresh frog!