Haiti Earthquake 2010

What was happening?
I felt like I had been killed and was sent to hell.
Crack! Boom! Crash!
People were screaming, children were crying,
The world was being destroyed.
Where was mama?
I screamed, I shouted
Like an innocent baby, wanting to crawl safely and securely into her mother's arms.
Why was the Earth shaking?
A shiver ran down my spine
I could feel my heart throbbing at my throat.
It felt like I was on a plane that would never stop, then the plane was hit and my life changed forever.
Was this a nightmare?
It felt as though the Earth was crushing us,
Trying to destroy every single thing we own.
I looked around trying to observe the scene
A bath of blood surrounded me, with dead bodies.
Parents trying to save their children but unable to save themselves.
Young boys and girls, mothers and fathers all in pain.
Our little world in Haiti was dying
And I could be an orphan, I thought, crying.


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