A 21st Birthday Party

There were two beautiful ladies who were twins who went to the shops to buy party things for their 21st birthday party. They introduced themselves to the server at the shops. Their names were Poppie and Molly. They were nice to everyone. It was cold outside when they came out of the shop. Poppie has long gold hair and freckles on her nose and blue eyes. Poppie likes cooking cakes and party things. She had lony eye browls. Molly has lony brown hair and no freckles on her face. She likes to go to the shops and buy stuff. Molly has long eyebrows.
They finished buying all the party things and went home and started cooking the cake. Molly was putting all the treats out on the table. Poppie asked,’’ did they invite people molly? I don’t think so ’’, said molly. ’’I will ring everyone who I’m inviting’’, said Poppie ’’OK’’ said molly when molly turned around there was black smoke coming from the oven and molly screamed as hard as she could. ’’ What can I do Poppie?’’ said molly.
Molly ran outside to get lots of water from the tap. Molly brought it inside and tipped it on the oven and it went out.’’yeah’’ said Poppie.
By Sarah