Falling Ever So Fast

Falling ever so fast

"Yeah I'm on top of the world, cliff jumping with my mates, what could be better then this." 3, 2, 1.

On the first of September four of my mates and I entered this raffle, and 1st prize was a week trip up to the Kimberley in the spring school holidays for five people.

We all didn't know what we wanted to do first, so I suggested that we do what one person wants to do and take that in turns. So than I came up with the first idea, which was jumping off a cliff into a waterhole. So after we got to our accommodation from the airport we went straight out to a waterhole.

It was about a two minute walk up to the cliff and once we were up there it looked much higher than when we were down on the bank of the waterhole. Seeing as I thought of the idea I had to go first. So instead of whining about it and making it worst I just jumped as far as I could and drop pinned in and it was awesome. All the other guys followed me and then Tom was the last one to jump. He saw it was safe so he just jumped. When he hit the water it made a pretty big splash and thought something went wrong. He didn't come up for longer than usual. He came up and I asked if he was right and he said "No." "I think I've broken my leg."

Two of us sum out to get him and the other two went to get the car and bring it closer? On the rough road it took half an hour to get to the Broome hospital. We had to wait a while but Tom got his X-Ray back. It was all good he just had tingling legs for a while and it just swelled up really bad. We went back to our accommodation and relaxed. Asked all the guys "what will tomorrow bring us."


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