F1 Racer

Go, go, go”. I am on the 76th lap of the Monaco F1 championship. “7th place with 20 more laps to go.” Said Brian over the headphones. (Unless you’re wondering Brian is my team’s manager). “Make team Red Bull proud” he said.

Ahead I saw Louis Hamilton; he was going for the next corner on the outside. I knew I could overtake him, so I slowed down and went in the inside of the corner. I overtook Louis on the apex of the corner.

Now here is the problem, the next lot of cars are 4.369 seconds ahead of me. I have to work out a plan.

A lap later I worked out a plan, to brake earlier so I can give it more throttle around the corners.

Lap after lap I came closer and closer, but it was taking to long. I was about to give up when I came up with a new idea.

It was to use my ESP down the straights. I had forgotten to use it. I started to use my ESP and what do I know?

I caught the other cars in a lap. Then I started to get my racing mojo back. I overtook Daniel Ricardo on the next straight, and then battled a chaterham for 4th place. He was harder than I thought, but I overtook him a lap later.

The race was getting harder and harder.

I came up behind 3rd; I went to overtake him when he tried to turn into the front of me. I was prepared and braked just in time. He lost control of his f1 and spun out into the gravel.

2nd place was easy, he braked early and I overtook him. I was now in 2nd place.

Michael Shumaker was in the lead, I will never beat him. He had won many championships before.

A second later I was spinning towards the wall at high speed. I realised I had hit a lose bit of rubber and lost control. I was going to die...


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