Hairy Bear’s Adventure

Hairy bear was a poor bear. He had the best house but he lost his best house and family now. Now, he is a destitute. But he is intelligent. Later the hairy bear went fishing to eat fishes. While he was sitting on the rock he saw other bear called baggy bear. He was also a poor and lost his family.

Long times ago, baggy and hairy were once best friends. Whenever they meet each other they used to shake their hands all the times. But now the hairy bear had forgotten about baggy bear. After that the baggy bear asked “do you remember me”. Hairy bear just left and gone somewhere without answering. Then the Hairy bear thought that the baggy bear was very nice, respectful and helpful and decided to live together.

This morning, the baggy and the hairy bear went to city where a lot of bear live to find foods to eat. Then baggy felt bored as he continuously had come here begging food. But Hairy bear thought “it was a great idea to come here” because he could sleep in the wall of the city. After that they said to each other “when we finish having fun in the city we can go back to our normal place and sleep”. It took 1 hour to go back to their home and they slept . After they woke up they went to fishing, they got 34 to 45 fishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then they made rule to catch the fish. The rule was one person catch minimum 25 fishes for a day. If one is good at fishing he may catch 45 fishes. Later the baggy and hairy bear saw a fish with skin that has written ‘allah’ on it.

After that they went to city and the hairy bear found pretty clothes in the shop. To their disappointment, the seller was a man. But hairy thought that we can’t buy from the man. Then hairy bear told to baggy bear “let’s kill the man so we can get the t-shirt”. At night baggy and hairy went to sleep but they had forgotten to close the door and lock it. Later suddenly other bear came and open the door of the hairy bear’s house. Hairy and baggy didn’t notice it. The other bear came into the bed room quietly suddenly and said !!!“GET OUT OF MY WAY”. The hairy and baggy didn’t notice at all, then accidently Baggy turn left and punch to the other bear!!!, the other bear was a thief suddenly ran away . When they woke up hairy bear forgot something in the city he said “I told you that lets kill the human to get the t shirt ” but baggy bear said “if we killed the humans they would kill us, that’s why I didn’t tell to go there” then he ran without hairy bear. Hairy bear glared at Baggy with shock.

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