Eagle Swarm

Tom woke from his everlasting eternal slumber with a whack! As Tom opened his pale and colorless eyes, he realized that he had fallen into a big slumber in the middle of his bed on the floor of his tree-house, sitting right in the middle of one of the biggest trees in the whole land. Tom slowly raised his head from his feathered pillow and started to lift his blankets off his body. He got up and started to pace out of the room with his head down. Tom started climbing down his steep staircase to the bottom floor of his tree-house. Looking out his small window, he could see 2 eagles circling the skies of the vast plains of the area of his house. Tom moved into his titanic glittering car. He turned his key as the cars motor slowly started to turn on.
As Tom started to drive, the road looked longer than it actually was as Tom kept drifting along the short grey road. As Tom kept driving, he looked out his clear window pane. He saw two red cars on either side, following him fast. Tom knew of a shortcut to get off the road but it was at least a couple of km away. The cars were catching up and by now, Tom could see the determined drivers urging their cars to go further and catch up.
Tom tried not to panic and kept racing forward to the shortcut where he would hopefully lose the two red cars traveling at full speed behind him. He could see the turnoff up ahead but the cars had been getting a whole lot closer. He knew he couldn’t make it to the turn off so he decided to do something more likely to die from. He opened his car roof as he saw a tree up ahead and pounced out of his car. He watched the two other cars keep driving without control until they smashed against the massive layer of trees with a BOOM!
Then he watched, listened and waited for any sign of life, or any sign at all, but it never came and Tom was trapped on a long dark gray road with no sign of life or survival…



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